Highly Anticipated Bridgwater Fair Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

Highly Anticipated Bridgwater Fair Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

This year’s Bridgwater fair has been canceled. The event was scheduled for early September, but it has been called off due to the unprecedented coronavirus crisis.


The news was announced by Sedgemoor District Council earlier today. The council has been consulting the Showman’s Guild over the last few days. The decision to call off the event was reached after the numerous consultation meetings held between the two parties.


In a statement released to the press, the council admitted that the event requires many preparations. However, the country is currently under lockdown, and therefore preparations could not commence.


The council noted that September is fast approaching with less than four months remaining. Preparations for the event involve planning and organization of the street market. These preparations have to be done early in advance to ensure everything is in order in time.


Additionally, it is unclear when the coronavirus pandemic will be contained. Therefore, the council argued that the uncertainty of the end of the deadly virus also made it difficult for them to plan and hold the event in September. The virus may persist up to the end of the year.


The council also noted that the social distancing rules might be in force in September. In such a case, it would be difficult to enforce the directives in the street market during the event.


The popular event has three main elements. These are rides and funfair that takes place at St Mathew’s Field, a street market that is held at West Street, and horse fair that is held at St Mathew’s Field. Rides, funfair, and street market are four days events while horse fair is a one-day event.


The council spokesperson announced that the council would contact the stallholders and the organizers to inform them about the decision. He apologized to all the affected parties for the inconvenience.

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