Heavy Snow Across Bristol City Forces Covid-19 Testing Unit to Close

Heavy Snow Across Bristol City Forces Covid-19 Testing Unit to Close
Charlene Winfred/Charlene Winfred

Bristol City was blanketed with a carpet of snow on Sunday morning, causing a minor disruption in daily activities. The snow that scattered everywhere created an unusual sight for the residents.

Bristol residents rarely experience this phenomenon because the city has a sheltered microclimate. However, Bristol residents woke up to magical winter views on Sunday which they enjoyed.

Although most people spend their time indoors due to COVID restrictions, those who traveled out complained that driving around the city was not easy.

Some were amazed by how the city had been turned into a winter wonderland with many parks and the suburbs being covered with snow. This was an unusual scenery for those who cared and went out to enjoy.

However, there were some disruptions in service delivery in the city. The mobile coronavirus testing unit was affected because it could not be operated under such unusual weather.

According to a statement released by the Bristol City Council, the COVID testing unit located at Brislington Park will remain closed on Sunday, January 24 due to the heavy snowfall across the city.

The council also noted that arrangements had been made with the health and social care department to ensure that those whose appointments were scheduled for Sunday are informed of the alternative arrangements.

Health officials who have been conducting the tests requested all those scheduled to take the test on Sunday remain in self-isolation until the test is done. The health officials noted that the disruption was unexpected and should not be used as an excuse to spread the infection.

However, it is expected that the testing exercise will resume on Monday because the situation is expected to improve by the end of the day. The authorities are also trying to clear the snow from the roads.

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