Recycling Collection to Stop Due to the Coronavirus Crisis

Recycling Collection to Stop Due to the Coronavirus Crisis
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Cornwall council indicated that recycling collection might be halted as they concentrate on measures to curb and prevent the spread of coronavirus that has caused a scare in the entire world. Despite the action, the council leader Julian German was quick to clarify that the situation might change based on the staff resources.

The council indicated that the COVID-19 has significantly affected the number of staff, and thus some services must be reduced. One of the services to be affected will be the fortnightly kerbside recycling collection. Nevertheless, the collection of black bags will continue.

There are concerns about the effects of the stopped collection. German asked the public not to worry since the focus will be more on the black bag waste, which is the most critical public health element in the area of waste collection. The few staff available will be directed towards the black bag waste since the green waste poses less health hazard to the people. Households will not be prevented from taking their recycling waste to the recycling centers. The black bag waste will continue to be collected by operator Biffa on a weekly basis. There is no definite date given on the day the recycling waste collection services will be suspended.

The council also decided to suspend the meetings of the community network panels. The decision was to enhance the safety of the people who have been advised to avoid public gatherings. The panels are known to attract large groups of people, posing a risk for the spread of coronavirus.

There was also postponement of elections that were about to happen. This decision affected the neighborhood plan referendums, all by-elections in the parish as well as in town. Dates for the polls will announce at a later date.

The public has been advised to stay calm and seek any information about the coronavirus only from reputable sources such as the government website.

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