First Coronavirus patient in Devon speaks


A pharmacy in Devon reopened today after undergoing intensive cleaning as soon as five people tested positive of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Derricks Pharmacy, which works closely with Chelston Hall Surgery, happens to be one of the popular medical centers in Torquay.  Lisa Dowrick’s family has been running chemist shops in Chelston, Torquay for about 40 years


However, on Wednesday the 4th of March, Lisa and her partner tested positive of the disease. While three other people at Chelson Hall also tested positive. The GP surgery will continue to remain closed until the disease is contained.


Torbay was one of the first few people in the UK to have corona Virus since the family came back to work and school after spending their half-term holidays in Italy


The total number of Corona virus in the UK has risen to about 798 in about 24 hrs and new infections were about 208.  On Friday 13th of March, the Department of Health in Cornwall noted that the number of infections had not yet been updated.


Ms. Dowrick and her partner have recovered from the Coronavirus symptom. She noted that the symptoms of Corona are worse than that of just regular flu.


She further apologized to all the people who had been affected by her and has closed the pharmacy since Saturday, but noted that she was under public health guidance.


She noted that she was kept under isolation, and the Public Health in the UK ruled that the pharmacy was also to be closed and intense cleaning ought to be done on the facility. She further noted that it was unfortunate for her partner to contract the disease as well. She added that all along they have been following the guideline given to them by the public health department. On her last statement, she urged the public to take precautionary measures to prevent themselves from the disease.


  1. You need to update your information that is in error. Lisa Dowricks partner, Terry did not recover and unfortunately passed away several days ago.
    Absolutely devastating as he was a friend to me, but imagine how Lisa feels, She is constantly in my thoughts at this time.


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