Care company justifies after Plymouth workers received delayed salary

Care company justifies after Plymouth workers received delayed salary

After their staff’s payday delay last week, the manager of a Plymouth care company explains what has caused the incident which made up to 100 workers wait for their pay cheque for up to two days. According to the managing director, the delays were caused by a technical glitch.

1st Call Homecare, based in St Judes, is a company that provides care for adults at home situated all over Plymouth. The carers from the company were supposed to be paid by the midnight of July 10 last Wednesday. However, it turned out that their expected pay had not been sent into their accounts.

This is not the first time for 1st Call Homecare employees to experience payment delay. In fact, they have had delayed payments on two previous occasions.

According to one staff member, they were expecting to be paid on Wednesday midnight last week, and when they didn’t see the expected amount in their accounts, they started worrying.

The staff also said that the company, 1st Call, assured them that the payment will be received on Thursday, but a number of them still had not received it on Friday.

The worker added: “It’s obviously not good when you’re on minimum wage anyway. It’s a really hard job caring for people and some people were really upset.

“Some of us got paid on Thursday and some eventually got paid on Friday. One person didn’t come to work.”

According to the employee, this incident isn’t the first time to happen; the payment delay even happened twice before ever since his employment.

Meanwhile, Leanne Shore, the company’s managing director, has finally confirmed that all employees have been paid.

She said: “Essentially everything has been addressed. Staff are now happy and the situation has been resolved.

“It was just a technical glitch. I have spoken to everybody I needed to speak to and they have all been reassured.

“If there was anybody with any financial hardship problem we gave them extra money in advance.”

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