Bristol students breach Covid rules by engaging in large parties.

Bristol students breach Covid rules by engaging in large parties.
Simon Cobb/ Wikimedia Commons

Despite potential arrests by the police, the University of Bristol students are still breaching the Covid rules by holding and participating in large parties

The university warned the students through emails and ordered them to carry their identification cards while on the premises. The email warned them of arrests if they failed to produce the card for verification when required.

A student group posted a screenshot of the message in a Twitter thread on December 10. This message received social media uproar, with many people citing concerns over the students’ mental health because of the threat contained in the email.

The Rent Strike Bristol Group implied that the university was not concerned about the students’ mental wellness while it had a duty to uphold health care in all aspects.

On the other hand, Chief Inspector Mark Runacres said that the police had dispersed people in gatherings and parties around the university premises since Bristol was put under the second lockdown and Tier 3 restrictions.

Runacres insisted that the restrictions were laid down to save more olives and protect the NHS. Therefore he had to affirm the consequences of breaching the regulations, which included arrest and paying fines.

He urged those breaking the rules to consider the effect on the wider community and the huge sacrifices that the vast majority made to contain the virus’s spread in the city.

The move by the University of Bristol was meant to cut down the Covid breaches in the community. In the past weeks, students have participated in large parties and gatherings that threatened the benefits achieved during the lockdown.

For safety purposes, there was a need to know whether the people entering the university premises were authorized. Only students and staff members were allowed to live on the premises.

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