Bristol Burger Restaurant Shuts Down After a Staff Tests Positive for COVID-19

Bristol Burger Restaurant Shuts Down After a Staff Tests Positive for COVID-19

A well-known burger restaurant in Clifton Village has closed due to one coronavirus case. This is after an employee in Burger Joint tested positive for the virus. The Clifton branch decided to shut down temporarily for precautionary reasons.

Although the restaurant was not directly shut down by authorities, the members felt that it was only right if they took this course of action. The long-standing restaurant, which is located in Whiteladies Road closed business last week.

The management decided to send all employees for tests to determine the likelihood of contamination in the restaurant. However, the branch in Bedminster remains open and running.

Last Friday, June 4, the restaurant announced the closure to their customer on social media. In the post, the restaurant said that one of their staff members is positive for COVID-19. The post went on to say that the restaurant values the safety and health of its customers and staff and this informed the decision to shut down until further observation.

The restaurant also mentioned that its sister restaurant, which is located in North Street is not affected and runs as expected. However, the branch in Clifton will remain closed and they will notify customers when it will be ready to open again.

The post also acknowledged that reopening will take place after the area has undergone rigorous deep cleaning and all staff returns test negative for COVID-19. The restaurant is eagerly anticipating reopening and is grateful for the continued support and understanding of its customers.

The team in Clifton was not forced to close, but it took the responsible decision to shut down for the safety of its customers and staff members. The cases of coronavirus continue to rise locally and nationally even as the Delta variant from India is spreading.

Customers should stay tuned for updates on reopening.

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