An Inquest had Conducted for Much-Loved Young Man’s Tragic Death

Tumisu/ Pixabay

Hayden Smith, from Cadewell, Torquay took his own life last year. Hayden was described as a loving and lovable teenager whose passion is in playing football. The sad news crashed Hayden’s relatives and friends when the young man took his own life at their house. Hayden’s body was found by his sister.

The young guy was reportedly had arrived at their house after a night out before the incident happened. When the body was found, paramedics were called. Even though the paramedics tried to revive Hayden, he was still pronounced dead at their house’s garage.

After various investigations, few clues were found. Short inquest happened to end the examinations of Hayden’s tragic death. Ian Arrow, a senior coroner read the clues that were found. It revealed that Hayden had undergone a surgery wherein he was also seen by an extra doctor. De Con Gillette, from Torquay police, also spoke to Hayden’s family and friends to help the investigation be cleared.

The doctor’s medical notes showed that Hayden suffered from having a “low mood”, struggles, and negative thoughts. The note revealed that Hayden’s feelings started when a split happened between his girlfriend and him.

Hayden’s doctor prescribed anti-depressant drugs for the young man. And continued looking after Hayden’s health. The much-loved teenager had also told his doctor that sometimes he found himself looking for a cliff. Unfortunately, even though he stopped himself from jumping, he took his own life while having those feelings.

Hayden’s story knocked at the hearts of many people to value mental health. After the investigations, Hayden’s football club held a tournament that has the purpose of raising awareness for mental health. The football club encouraged people to talk about their problems as well.

The news about Hayden’s tragic life must be devastating for the people close to his heart and life.

After the inquest hearing that happened on January 09, 2020, Det Con Gillette will talk to Hayden’s father and grandfather about the investigation in private.


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