75 Students of School in Bristol to Self-Isolate Until Monday

75 Students of School in Bristol to Self-Isolate Until Monday

A student in a school at Bristol has been tested positive for the Corona Virus. Contact tracing has been made and the close contacts are told to get immediate testing if they develop symptoms of Covid-19.

It is the St. Bede’s Catholic College in which, the student has been confirmed to be positive of the virus. Year nine students comprising a total of 75 pupils have been asked to self-isolate for the meantime until October 5, Monday, following the confirmed case.

The school’s spokesperson released a statement stating that the school is working together with the NHS test and trace to limit the possible spreading of the virus following the single case positive for Covid-19 last September 24, 2020, at the school premises.

The school has said to be following the non-clinical settings advice and guidance such as social distancing and proper hygiene to both staff and students.

The 75 students who were told to self-isolate were required to get tested if Covid-19 symptoms continue to develop. However, close contact with the positive student who does not develop any symptoms does not need to be tested.

In addition, the school continues to hold its class, and students should continue to attend their classes if they are not identified as close contact by the school or by the track and trace team.

As of September, there are already 28 schools in Bristol region who has confirmed case of the virus.

The college’s principal states that there is a very real possibility of having a positive case within the college’s proximity since it is a large college.

She also states that they are implementing the social distancing protocol and infection prevention measures.

The school continues to communicate with the families of the students who were asked to self-isolate ensuring that they are having the access to comprehensive remote learning programmes while on isolation.


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