Harbourmasters Call and Warn People to Avoid Tombstoning

Harbourmasters Call and Warn People to Avoid Tombstoning
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Harbourmasters in Penzance, St Ives, and Newquay warns people about the dangers of tombstoning. These places have been preparing to welcome visitors and tourists and are expecting an influx in number as the lockdown becomes ease.

Tombstoning is the act of jumping off from cliffs, harbors, and seawalls into a deep part of the waters. There are recorded 20 deaths, 70 injuries, and 200 incidents across the United Kingdom since 2004 caused by tombstoning, according to the coastguard. Harbourmasters are calling for this activity to stop.

Mike Ridgway, Newquay, and St Ives harbormaster state that tombstoners are being abusive verbally especially to boat skippers by sounding their horns as a sign to move out of the way when they enter the harbour.

Jumping into the unknown was tagged as unnecessary risk-taking. They have stated how dangerous it is to jump to the deep parts of water because you are not able to tell what are underneath it. There may be hidden rocks and other fallen objects such as bicycles and wooden stakes which may all cause injury.

Mark Killingback, the harbourmaster of Truro and Penryn, said that people should avoid tombstoning for it is seen to reach an epidemic proportion because of the better weather reasons as well as the influx of people going to the beach.

Cornwall council reminds parents to check their children’s whereabouts and activities. Tombstoning, abusive behaviour, alcohol consumption, and criminal damage may be charged as anti-social behaviour.

Cornwall council is now urging people to report to the Anti-Social Behaviour Team if events such as anti-social behavior happen. You can also report it to the police via call on 101 or email [email protected] You can also report via 999 if the behavior causes immediate danger.


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