Government Criticized Over Exeter University Coronavirus Testing

Government Criticized Over Exeter University Coronavirus Testing

An Exeter MP has criticized the government for forcefully introducing a new coronavirus testing scheme at the University of Exeter. Ben Bradshaw accused the government of replacing the existing system that had proved to be excellent with the national system that has failed in some regions.

The university had been using a rapid response system through a private partnership with a local company called Halo. The test results were released within 24 hours of the test.

However, the government instructed the university to drop that system and replace it with the national system. The national system involves testing and tracing through collaboration between different NHS and PHE teams of medical professionals.

The national system is slow compared to the rapid response that was being used by the university. Additionally, the national system is marred with numerous controversies. Hence, the major criticism against it.

According to the MP, the national system is shambolic as it has failed to give accurate results of the test done in the last week. He noted that this action would put the lives of thousands of students in danger because of the coronavirus.

The government, however, defended the move to introduce the national system in the university, citing a surge in coronavirus cases in the university and the neighbourhood. The government said that the action was taken after the university request for help in containing the surging numbers of coronavirus infections within the university.

The university called on the national testing and tracing team to set up a university testing centre. The temporary testing centre will be dedicated to testing the students and staff within the university premises and student households.

Mr Bradshaw was elected the MP for Exeter in 1997. He has been championing for the rights of the Exeter residents and earned himself respect among the residents.


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