Good Life Café calls businesses to stay open at night

Good Life Café calls businesses to stay open at night

After people across social media platforms saw a TikTok ‘Rape Day’ trend, the Good Life Café manager calls on all businesses to stay open at night. Jade Phipps, whose café is located in Falmouth, was terrified when she saw the trend on TikTok. Good Life Café is owned by her friend Dan Rossiter and is among the popular cafes in Falmouth.

Jade was terrified and urged all business owners to prevent the event from happening. Jade called on them to remain open late into the night on 24th April as a sign of protecting women in the society against rape. The event was to be conducted with their lights on.

She communicated her message through Facebook and urged the business community to prevent such an assault from happening. She continued to say that the move would keep people safe at night, especially those who walk through the town at night.

Jade urged people to message her through Facebook if they needed any clarification on any matter. She also hoped that people would be ready to express their opinions and suggestions to prevent the event from happening on 24th April.

Investigations revealed that students from Falmouth University were behind the viral TikTok trend and created by few American men. Jade said that though she had hoped that the trend was bogus, she expressed concern that women should be protected and kept safe.

Dan and Jade said they had created the hashtag #leavethelighton to help women feel safe in Falmouth while doing their day-to-day activities. Due to the viral hashtag, Jade said that many students of Falmouth University were terrified that the authorities would investigate them.

She indicated that many businesses were ready to support her cause after her Facebook message received plenty of attention.  Falmouth police took an early lead by investigating WhatsApp groups believed in advocating for ‘Rape Day’ to happen.


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