Gloucestershire’s New Medical Facility To Be Built By Speller Metcalfe

Gloucestershire’s New Medical Facility To Be Built By Speller Metcalfe

A new medical facility will be constructed in Cinderford, a small town in Gloucestershire.

Speller Metcalfe was the chosen building contractor to construct the said building. Assura, a prominent healthcare developer, was the one who appointed Speller Metcalfe to do the construction.

The aim of the construction of the new facility was to replace the old and cramped medical facility of the town. Both of Forest Health Care and Dockham Road Surgery will be relocated to the new medical facility.

The new facility will be constructed on the abandoned industrial land which is located on Valley Road, Cinderford. Bundred and Goode, a reputable architect based on Midlands was the one who designed the building. The new medical facility is a two-story building and has a 1,477 m2  measurement. The facility will also have the main atrium that has two reception spots and respective wings on each side in order to accommodate all of the medical practices. There will also be additional rooms for consultation and treatment areas. In that way, it will be able to provide a wide range of medical services.

In addition to that, the facility will be equipped with photovoltaic panels in order to produce solar energy. These panels will be placed on the entire roof that is facing the south. A parking space that can accommodate 98 vehicles will complete the new facility.

It was planned that the new medical facility will be a primary and dementia-friendly facility in the state. A facility designed with convenient layout and signage that caters the needs of the people who suffer from dementia.

Speller Metcalfe will start the construction of the building in the month of June. Andy Metcalfe, the joint managing director of the building contractor said that Speller Metcalfe, together with Assura, look forward to the construction of the modern and suitable medical facility in the town of Cinderford.

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