Gloucestershire Prepares for Storm Freya

This afternoon, Gloucestershire has started its preparation as the county has been declared under the yellow weather warning as the storm Freya draws near. The storm will pass by Wales and the northeastern part of England. According to the weather forecast, the residents are to expect strong winds with a maximum speed of 65mph plus heavy rainfall, which might intensity as the storm passes the area. The residents of Stroud and Cheltenham, Gloucestershire were specifically told to brace for Storm Freya. The storm might bring heavy rains in Cheltenham between 1 PM and 4 PM this afternoon.
The Met Office has released an update thru Twitter saying that the Storm Freya is still on its north-eastward path and that it is also to bring showers to heavy rain in various areas across the UK. They also mentioned that torrential winds are expected along Wales and most of the UK. Mr. Jason Kelly, the Met Deputy Chief Meteorologist warned that there might be “significant disruption to travel” with high possibility of damage to buildings and trees due to the storm’s strong winds. The Met Office has also issued some guidelines to serve as reminders to residents, especially to those who will be out of their homes for work:
  • Possible flying debris, such as fallen branches and roof, may cause injuries and even life-threatening situations to people.
  • Transportation services including the land, water, and air vehicles might be interrupted. Journey cancellations and delays may occur.
  • There might be power failures and mobile network problems during the storm surge.
  • Beach fronts and coastal areas should be prepared for large waves and beach debris. There is a high possibility of injuries and damage to properties.
As the storm approaches England last Saturday, a naming ceremony held for MSC Bellissima at Southampton was disrupted due to strong winds. Both the guests and employees were evacuated to safety.


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