Gilles Desforges jailed for shoplifting in Cornwall

Senior Airman Larry E. Reid Jr./Nellis Air Force Base

Gilles Desforges is a man who has had a long history of shoplifting. However, this habit met its dead end yesterday after the court sentenced him 30 days in jail due to the act of stealing potato chips.

He was arrested on October 1st, 2019, and charged for theft and failing to keep the peace. He is thought to have entered in a local store which is located along Brookdale Avenue and picked some items which he never paid.

Police were contacted to carry out the investigation, and Desforges was arrested and taken to custody and later charged in a court. He was released and asked to appear before the court yesterday.

He appeared before judge Diane Lahaie yesterday morning to answer charges of breach of probation and theft under $5000.

The evidence tabled in court showed that police officers found Desforges on the second street East of Dollarama, having taken about six bags of potato chips and kept them in his bag and tried to exit the store. The cost of the chips was about $9.

However, Desforge argued that for the last seven months, he had stopped shoplifting, and thus the court should release him.

Judge Lahaie stated that the 30-days sentence was based on the fact that Desforges’s earlier convictions were much heavier. His lawyer had also requested that he should be granted an early release.

This has come at a time when many shoplifting cases are being reported in Cornwall. The Newquay councilor has called on major supermarkets and shops to work closely with the police to end the shoplifting plague.

He further noted that most drug addicts steal high value items in supermarkets such as meat and alcohol which they later exchange for drugs to manage their drug habit.

The center for social justice has also approved this, where their statistics show that 70 per cent of drug abuse is fueled by shoplifting from supermarkets and shops.


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