Further Restrictions Placed Ahead of the Cornwall G7 Summit in June 2021

Further Restrictions Placed Ahead of the Cornwall G7 Summit in June 2021

Further restrictions have been announced ahead of the G7 summit to be held in Carbis Bay from 11th until 13th June 2021. The restrictions are in addition to those already imposed in Carbis Bay and will affect Falmouth.

The UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, and Italy constitute the G7. In addition leaders from Australia, South Korea, India, and the EU will also be attending.

The National Maritime Museum (NMM) will be accommodating a world press media centre. Therefore, the museum will remain closed to the public for the duration of the summit. The Cornwall and Devon Police announced other closures in a bid to ensure public safety and a smooth running summit.

  • The Grove Street and Maritime parking areas will be closed until Saturday 19th
  • The Church Street parking area will also be closed from 10th June to 13th
  • All businesses between Discovery Quay and Events Square will not be open to the public until 17th Exceptions are those businesses catering to the media centre.
  • Tesco Express will remain open as usual.
  • The Square hairdresser will remain shut until the summit ends.
  • The residents of Campeltown Way, Events Square, and Discovery Quay will be required to produce identification to enter the restricted area.
  • Falmouth Town Station will be closed from 10th June until 14th Passengers will still be allowed to travel from Falmouth Dock Station with valid Falmouth Town tickets.
  • The Ponsharden park and ride float will not be operating from 11th June until 14th
  • Access to Falmouth Harbour will not be affected.

The local police and centre managers have requested people to use public transport where possible and to allow extra travelling time to evade the inconveniences that may be caused by the summit in the town. Nevertheless, they have vowed to minimize these inconveniences and to provide timely updates to the residents.

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