Fred and Rose West documentary air date set on ITV

Fred and Rose West documentary air date set on ITV

Screening date has been set after a dramatic pullout of the show due to legal reasons. It was supposed to be screened last Friday, February 1, at 9 PM. However, it was replaced by a different documentary on Death Row. 

Sir Trevor McDonald’s documentary is one of the famous serial killers in UK history, which recorded deaths of over 12 women and girls in a span of twenty years. The documentary drama produced by ITV has been focused on the role of Rose West in the serial killing incidents. Currently, Rose has been sentenced to life imprisonment for ten counts of murder. Her husband, Fred, died by suicide while waiting for the trial of twelve counts of murder to have begun in January of 1995. Both have been collaborative of the murder, though for abstruse reasons, including the death of their own daughter. 

The documentary drama would show several instances of their murders and tortures, the techniques and methods they follow, and how this had passed on for twenty years without any call conviction. Cromwell Street in Gloucester has been the site of the murders since 1975, which has now been currently demolished but will be featured on the documentary as well. 

 The new screen date set by ITV on Sir Trevor McDonald documentary on Fred and Rose West’s serial killings would be this coming February 21, a few days after the 25th anniversary of the case. Channel 5 had also produced a documentary on the West couple’s case, as the public has become interested once more in the serial killing case. The documentary run by Channel 5 was received with a mixed reception, opinions, and comments about the run-through of the case. 

 Sir Trevor McDonald has been one of the leading documentary icons in ITV and had produced several documentary dramas that had been widely anticipated by viewers of the region. 

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