Former KFC Employee Leaked Photos of Outlet’s Kitchen Full of Filth

Kitchen Full of Filth

A KFC outlet in St. Budeaux, Plymouth in England was faced with controversies as one of its former employees leaked photos of the molded kitchen in Houston. That’s not, however, what made the headlines. The photos showed rat feces veering the KFC outlet’s kitchen.

The photos were shown to Plymouth Live by the fast-food chain’s former senior staff. Some of the scenes in the photos were bags of flour and shelves with rat feces covering them, white dust covering boxes of vegetable oil, and utensils and appliances filthily filed over one another.

The former staff said that there was a pest problem going on, but they just couldn’t solve it altogether, and although they were able to control the pests, the rat problem stubbornly kept coming back. He even told a story about how one morning, he opened the outlet at around six in the morning and was faced with a mouse by the window. That alone was against the protocol as they were not supposed to have problems like mouse presence, pests, or mold formation. They are supposed to call it in and wait for a confirmation before proceeding back to business. The former senior staff continued to say that there would be a big chance of contamination should the rats touch ingredients like flour. He added that he even saw them around appliances like the coffee machine and things like coffee cups. On the outside, he said that these looked clean but that it’s a different story when they’re looked at more thoroughly.

The outlet faced several complaints about cleanliness in another month. A customer, who remained anonymous, said in Plymouth Live that the fast-food outlet continued to do business in spite of the evident rat problems. The customer said that you could see rat traps. They were around the bins, and there was even one that just ran across the floor.

The outlet was interrogated about the rat traps that were spread all over the place. However, they denied any enormous rat problem in the area and even claimed that those rats were only outside the place. In the last inspection done in the place, which was conducted by the Food Standards Agency, it received the highest score of five.

KFC gave a comment regarding the matter after receiving quite a number of complaints. The KFC spokesperson said that they had taken the necessary action to handle the issue. He said that the company was surprised to learn about the problem and that they had taken precautionary measures such as landscape alteration. That was why the business continued to be open.

In light of the issue, KFC outlets in Cornwall and Devon asked several residents to go to the outlets before business hours. This is so that residents or customers can inspect the condition of the kitchens and see how their meals are being made. This event was included in the KFC Open Kitchen. The managing director of KFC U.K. and Ireland stated that they had always been a branded fast-food company and that they had always prided themselves about being open, hence their invitation to customers to see for themselves how operations were being conducted. It is not, however, confirmed if the KFC outlet in question in St. Budeaux joined the event.


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