Football: Exeter City Through to the Play-off Final after Beating Colchester United 3-2

Football: Exeter City Through to the Play-off Final after Beating Colchester United 3-2

Exeter City has qualified to the League Two play-off final after beating Colchester United with an aggregate of 3-2. This is the third time the Grecians have qualified for the finals in 4 years.

The Grecians were trailing 1-0 from the first leg match, but they managed to take an early lead after scoring in the 10-th minute. Exeter’s forward, Aaron Martin, scored the first goal from a 15-yard shot.

The host scored their second goal on the 58th minute when Jayden Richardson’s shot found the back of the net. However, the victory was only short-lived after the visitors scored their first goal on the 78th minute, bringing the total aggregate to 2-2.

The score remained 2-1 until the 90th minute, and the match had to go into extra time. Exeter City scored the much-needed goal at the 111th minute. They managed to maintain their victory until the end of the game.

Exeter’s win was historical because no other team has ever overturned a first-leg deficit since 2013. Bradford City was the last team to overturn a first-leg deficit in 2013.

Exeter City will now face Northampton Town in the play-off final that will be held on Monday, June 29.  The final match will be held at the famous Wembley stadium.

Contrary to the usual football matches, the game was played without fans or onlookers watching the game. This follows the safety guidelines that were issued by the football governing body to prevent the spread of corona virus. The body directed that all football matches will be played without spectators until the corona virus pandemic is contained.

Although the final match may be played without the fans, Exeter City fans anticipate a thrilling match at Wembley. Even though they weren’t there to witness the game with their own eyes, the fans still celebrated the win by posting and commenting on the team’s social media platforms.

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