Flybe Airline Travellers Worried of Newquay Link Threat

Flybe Airline Travellers Worried of Newquay Link Threat

Cornish residents are living in fear of isolation from the other parts of the country if the troubled Flybe airline collapses.

Heather Hollands recounts her flight in a Flybe’s plane from Heathrow to Newquay airport.  The flight time between the two towns is approximately one hour. However, an unexpected turn of events unfolded before the plane landed. Their flight – BE2184 – was rerouted to Bristol.

At the time when the plane was rerouted, government officials were held up in a crisis meeting trying to salvage the troubled airlines. However, the airline’s problems were much bigger than the tricky weather in Cornwall.  Although the government ministers reached on a deal with the airline’s shareholders, there were some doubts about the airline’s future due to the turbulent skies ahead.

The airline needed to be saved because it provided an important link between urban centers and remote areas.  However, some passengers disagreed because they still have other alternatives, either by driving or boarding a train down the city. Hollands, however, argued that taking a flight is quicker than driving or boarding a train.

The government announced its plan to subsidize the flights in the link between Heathrow and Newquay airport last year.  Some travelers lauded the government’s plan and termed as a significant step towards reviving the airline.

Most of the business travelers termed the link as vital in connecting Cornwall to the outside world.

However, environmental groups oppose the government’s plan to bail out the airline. Environmental activists argued that it is hypocritical of a government that claims to be on the front line in conserving the environment to subsidize a carbon-intensive mode of travel to make it cheaper.

There were protests across various parts of the country to raise awareness about the impact of climate change. Air travel was highlighted as a contributing factor to air pollution.  But most travelers still believe that flying to Newquay is more convenient and affordable rather than boarding a train.


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