Five Arrests Made in Connection With Bridgwater Attack Captured in a Video


A viral video captured a Bridgwater man who was beaten and spat at. In the video, the man is seen lying on the ground as the attackers kick him repeatedly.

The disturbing event took place in Somerset. A passerby recorded the video and posted it on Twitter and shared on Snapchat. Several young people were seen kicking the man in the head in turns. However, police authorities have managed to arrest five people as of yesterday. Among the arrested, four of them are teenagers.

In the morning, the police arrested a boy and a girl who are all 17 years old. Later in the day, they arrested two 16-year old boys on suspicion that they took part in the robbery. The four will remain in custody until investigations are complete.

Police announced that they had identified a fifth person who is also suspected of having taken part in the night attack. He is also under their custody.

The victim has already recorded a statement with the police. Luckily, he is stable, and his injuries are not life-threatening. He was rushed to the hospital for a checkup.

Police Inspector Richard Horsfall thanked the public for sharing the video on social media and helping the police identify the suspects. He specifically thanked the person who recorded the video and those who informed the police about it.

However, he appealed to people to delete the video from social media platforms since the arrests have already been made. He further cautioned people against sharing the video or commenting about it until the investigations are complete. He appealed to everyone to allow the police to do their investigations to establish what happened.

Inspector Horsfall promised that they will conduct thorough investigations, and every culprit will be captured. He expressed his disappointment following the incident that happened at a time when the country is fighting a global crisis.


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