Firefighters Tackled Barn Fire at Trekenning

Firefighters Tackled Barn Fire at Trekenning
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Cornwall Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) responded to an alarm at 22:50 GMT of a fire incident in a barn at Trekenning, opposite the St. Austell Brewery.

The 164 ft. (50m) fire started from the barn that housed fuel and machinery and spread to three properties. Residents were ushered out of their homes for safety and four fire stations and ten major fire appliances were called to the scene to extinguish the fire.

A spokesperson also released a statement concerning the damage coverage of the barn fire, which was 50×30 metres in size. The entire structure was engulfed by the flames with no salvageable remains. They have also indicated an investigation of the incident that took place the morning right after.

Cornwall FRS continues to investigate the cause of the fire. They were also responsible for monitoring the incident area for hotspots while the rescue teams were handling the safety of the residents who evacuated the area. Shortly after controlling the fire, they started to scale down the incident and used only four major pumping appliances.

Initially, the FRS used water and foam jets to control the fire. They then employed several other appliances from nearby fire stations, including those from St Columb, Padstow, St Denis, and Newquay, to assist in monitoring the situation. The incident therefore comprised of ten major appliances, two water carriers, one aerial ladder platform, and four officers.

The teams worked in groups to put out the coals and stabilise the barn from further destruction of surrounding properties. However, they have also sought more assistance to control the fire situation, which convened ten appliances and three ground sectors.

So far, no injuries or casualties have been reported by the responding firefighters. Meanwhile, one of the residents has posted on social media about how they were able to get out of the house to ensure their safety. They have also returned to their homes while FRS continues to monitor and assess the situation.

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