Firefighters Rush to Contain Fire at a Truro Home


On Sunday morning, firefighters were busy trying to contain the fire that broke out from a Truro home. The incident happened at the Penair View area in Truro.

At 10:00 am, the fire service received the alert after the homeowner called to report the incident. The service responded immediately by sending a team of firefighters who arrived at the scene in less than 30 minutes.

The fire had already spread to the roof of the house. Therefore, it needed to be contained fast before destroying the whole building.

The first crew sent to the scene had four appliances including two officers, an aerial ladder, a command unit, and an operational support vehicle.

Later a second team of firefighters arrived with another operational support vehicle. The second team was sent to the scene after the first team requested for reinforcement following the fast spread of the fire.

According to an eye witness, the whole house was on fire when the second fire engine arrived. However, the first response team had managed to prevent the fire from spreading to the neighboringNe houses.

The spokesperson of the Fire and Rescue Service in Cornwall confirmed the incident some minutes later. He informed the media that they had sent a team of firefighters who were already at the scene.

He added they mobilized four appliances to respond to the scene. However, only the first two had arrived at the scene by 11: 00 am.

He went on to add that the incident commander at the scene had requested for reinforcement from Newquay fire service.

Fortunately, the fire was fully contained some minutes past noon. The house was partially destroyed with the roof being completely damaged.

However, there were no casualties since the occupants were evacuated early enough. Fire and Rescue Service in Cornwall is expected to issue an official statement concerning the incident.



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