Featuring Defense by the Bridgwater Town resulting to a draw with Exmouth Town at Southern Road Campaign

KelvinStuttard / pixabay

As of now, the scores between the Bridgewater Town and Exmouth Town are both zeroes.

It was a spectacular play when the Bridgewater Town’s Jake Viney was able to chase a point away from the opposing team Exmouth Town during the Souther Road Campaign last Saturday. It was a very well defended play that hindered the Exmouth Town from generating a clean goal title throughout the whole campaign.

Exmouth Town is already known to be undefeated in Southern Road due to its highly skilled members, such as the famous player Ace High upfront and striker Jordan Harris who is known to get as many as nineteen goals during the nineteen games of the campaign.

It was a close heated match when the Exmouth managed to pressure the Bridgwater town players at the beginning of the game. Oscar Latas and Jake Llewellyn were good in their combinations in facing Jack Taylor in hopes of sneaking a goal against Harison Burton. However, Exmouth was not easy to pass by as Karl Rickards shot a kick if not only Viney saving the ball at twenty minutes.

The sides changed after the break when Bridgwater Town’s players started to go into action. Though Exmouth Town players have the upper hand and have greater chances of winning the game, Viney still kept his defending effort to which he managed to save a lot of goals from passing further.

Viney, as the star player of the match, was able to block goals from Denny. He also once again saved the goal from Dave Rowe’s header from a free-kick. Though there was a chance of goal by Llewellyn’s free-kick, Ellis managed to cut it down, placing all of Viney’s efforts in a good chance!

There were at least two hundred thirty people in attendance at that match.


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