Fatal Bus Crash in Cuba, 2 British Tourist were Injured


Two British nationals were among those injured in a tourist bus crash in Cuba on Thursday afternoon. This crash killed seven people and several were reported as injured.

The British Foreign Office had confirmed the incident and their assistance to provide relief to any casualties or victims of this road accident in Cuba. On Thursday afternoon, the tourist bus Via Azul crashed on the roadside between Baracoa and Guantanamo cities where the driver said that he had lost control on the wheels. The bus carried 18 Cubans and 22 tourists from other countries, including Great Britain.

The British victims’ conditions are yet to be known. A spokesperson from the British Foreign Office said that they will continue to investigate with the Cuban authorities on the road accident and are prepared to release assistance to any British nationals who suffered in the said accident. Currently, the Foreign Office has offered their assistance to the two British nationals who met the bus crash.

For the record, this is the fourth major bus accident in Cuba in a month. It is also best addressed that Cuban intercity roads are poorly-lit, especially at night, narrow, and were littered in potholes. Last year, there was a total count of 11,187 road accidents in Cuba, with 750 casualties, and 7,999 road accident-related injuries. Amidst the incidents, Cubans still receive a lot of tourists from the US and Europe over the past several years. In 2018, nearly 5 million tourists are coming in and out of Cuba for sightseeing visits and a visit to their famous Caribbean beach shores. The Cuban government is also trying to do their best to upgrade their road systems to better cater to the needs of the locals as well as the tourists visiting the country.

Photographs of the bush crash are now circulating online and in social media networks, that shows the bus’s front crumpled up, with its side and windscreen smashed down. Various reactions from netizens are also collected regarding the bus crash. So far, Cuban authorities have not named the victims but are currently investigating the full details.