Famous Torquay Café Rebuilt After Tragic Fire

Famous Torquay Café Rebuilt After Tragic Fire

The owners of a Torquay café expressed their hopes that they will be back in business this April. The café was devastated by fire in September last year, which was triggered by an electric fault.

One World café, located in Abbey Gardens, went up in flames last September. The café had been in operation for just six months.

Construction works have commenced with the owners revealing that they intend to rebuild it to look the same as before. The café housed the alfresco beach bar, which was famous for live music bands.

A renowned chef in the café, Joe Connolly revealed that they adopted a new theme: One World International street food. Connolly, famous for his pies, further revealed that there will be new indulgent breakfast choices and theme evenings.

The café was housed in a wooden building near the tennis courts. The building was initially an ice cream hut and café until Hayley Griffiths and her business partner Alex Downey gave it a new lease of life by converting it to a modern café with live music arts.

Hayley, an auxiliary nurse at Torbay Hospital, narrated how the fire killed her dream. She had put all her inheritance into it after her father died and left her to manage his farm.

CCTV footage revealed how the fire started after an electric fault. Hayley could not hold back her tears as she explained how the winter had been very hard for her.

However, she was optimistic that the building will look exactly as it was before with a better VIP area which will be named after her late dad, Griff.

Hayley thanked Torbay Council for putting a tin roof on top of the condemned building to stop the winter weather from getting inside.

She explained that the insurance will sort it out, and thereafter get it ready for business by April.


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