Famous Bridgwater Policeman’s Family Launch Brain Tumour Research Awareness Campaign

Famous Bridgwater Policeman’s Family Launch Brain Tumour Research Awareness Campaign
Greg Chadwick/Air Force Materiel Command

The family of a famous retired policeman from Bridgwater launched a research campaign to create awareness about a malignant brain tumor.


Jim Murray has been a policeman for 20 years in the Somerset and Avon non-paramilitary force. The 53-year old policeman is back on cancer treatment with a series of scheduled chemotherapy sessions to treat a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) tumor. The tumor is a highly aggressive cancer that originates from the brain cells.


Murray, who was diagnosed with the tumor two years ago, has since undergone several chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions.


Recently, Jim’s health condition deteriorated, and he was rushed to Musgrove NSH Hospital in Taunton. Unfortunately, a scan by the medics confirmed their worst fears: his tumor was growing back at an excessive rate.


Jim’s wife, Ally, said that they suspected something had gone wrong when Jim suffered from light-headedness after a series of stable scans. The 51-year old added that they had requested the hospital to schedule a routine scan for Jim, but he started vomiting and suffering from headaches even before the appointment.


Ms. Allay revealed that a CT scan at the hospital showed that Murray’s brain was swollen. They later did an MRI scan which confirmed their worries.


Ms. Allay noted that since Jim’s tumor was growing back, he needed chemotherapy treatment and surgery. She went on to reveal that Jim had a successful surgery before Christmas. He was later discharged, and he is now recovering. He recently started his chemotherapy sessions, and he is scheduled for a scan in three months.


Jim’s family and friends have since organized a fundraising group, Canoeing for a Cure. The group is under the Brain Tumor Research charity umbrella body.


A close friend to Jim, Wayne Byles, raised over £3700 through 12 half marathons organized in a record of 12 days.


Ms. Ally is optimistic that the campaign will create awareness about the deadly disease so that other people will not face such a dreadful prognosis like Jim.

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