Family Dog Killed in a Cliff Fall in Whipsiderry Beach

Family Dog Killed in a Cliff Fall in Whipsiderry Beach

Around 16:00 GMT on February 7, 2021, a three-year-old dog was killed in a cliff fall while happily playing on Whipsiderry beach’s shores near Newquay.

Aggie was part of the Sprocker dog breed. These pets can quickly adapt and get along well with kids and other animals.

Sprockets are loving dogs and are incredibly physically active. Thus, they require a lot of exercises and play to feel happy. They are also trustworthy working dogs and are loyal companions.

The family who owns poor Aggie is hugely devastated by this dog’s sudden demise. The late Sprocker was having fun around the place when rubble from cliffs fell and smashed the dog.

The pet owners were a complete mess and heartbroken. After the tragic incident, they warn others, especially dog walkers, to take extra care when visiting the site.

The Cornwall Council initiated to close the coast path and the beach to ensure the safety of everybody.

The HM Coastguard Area 11 Community Safety cautioned individuals to be more vigilant when staying near cliffs.

Pam Loader, Aggie’s grieving owner, shared that their family has been frequenting Whipsiderry for roughly 14 years now. Hence, they know the dangers of the beach and every inch of it. However, their dog still got caught in an accident. She voiced out how her beloved dog just happened to be chasing a bird and playing at the wrong time.

When an initial rockfall trapped the late dog, her husband quickly ran and pulled Aggie out. Fortunately, a concerned couple shouted at him and told him to move away. Otherwise, the second fall would have also killed him and their other pet.

Pam added that a family stayed on the same spot almost two weeks ago, and we instantly directed them to stay away since it is still dangerous. The latter may be due to the recent wet season wherein several areas near the sea and coast are unstable.

If you see and know someone who needs help, immediately call 999 and ask for help from the coastguard.

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