Falmouth’s Christmas Shoeboxes Helps Several People in Eastern Europe

Falmouth’s Christmas Shoeboxes Helps Several People in Eastern Europe
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The Link to Hope which is an appeal by a charity in Falmouth has been spearheaded by Cat Parker for four years in a row.

This movement encourages the residents to prepare gifts that can be shared with individuals who are suffering from poverty in the Eastern part of Europe.

Indeed, the Christmas spirit of giving has become a mini-tradition for the people of Falmouth.

Parker shared the story of an old woman whom they found sleeping among bags of onions in an attic. The onions were her only source of food and the only things she has to keep her warm.

When they gave the elder lady one of the Christmas gifts they have organised, she could not believe that it was really for her.

With the help of Link to Hope, the community of Falmouth can wrap up small packages of love and generosity.

Their act of gift-giving has been touching the hearts of the ones unwrapping it. This simple gesture makes the recipients of the said program feel that they are loved and cared for. Truly, it gives them hope amidst the sufferings they are experiencing.

Moreover, Parker emphasised that being part of Link to Hope is such an honour because God has been blessing her with so much provision.

She is hoping that her two sons will grow up appreciating how blessed they are and that every person must extend help to others in a way they can.

Link to Hope is giving shoeboxes to either an elderly person or a family. It also provides support to communities that give social care and education.

Last time, more than a hundred shoeboxes were shared with the residents of Eastern Europe, but Parker seeks to double it this year.

They are calling everyone willing to participate in this event to join them this 2nd of November between 2 pm to 5 pm at the Dracaena Centre. For more details, you can visit linktohope.co.uk.

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