Experts in Bristol University Join Hands in Search of Coronavirus Vaccine

Experts in Bristol University Join Hands in Search of Coronavirus Vaccine

Scientists and other experts from Bristol University have joined hands in search of a vaccine for coronavirus. The team of experts drawn from various faculties within the university held their first meeting this week.

The team is made up of 30 scholars and researchers who are mainly drawn from the faculty of health sciences. The group is known as the Bristol UNCOVER and it is under the leadership of Mr Adam Finn.

Mr Finn also works at the children’s Royal Hospital in Bristol. He is the head of the vaccine centre at the hospital. He said that the best thing scientists and researchers can do for their country is to shelve everyone from the virus.

The group uses machines that perform a biochemical process known as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). PCR is a process that is used to study genes and cell structures in viruses and bacteria.

The government is using similar machines to test if people have coronavirus. However, confirmatory tests are done to confirm the presence of coronavirus in a person whose samples have been tested by the machine.

UK government has been heavily criticised for lagging in performing coronavirus tests. The government admitted there are inadequate testing kits and thus delaying the process.

However, the team’s efforts have given hope to the UK residents who were looking up to the government to provide a vaccine for the deadly virus. However, the government has failed to come up with a vaccine or cure for coronavirus.

The virus has claimed over 3000 lives in the UK in the last three months. The figures could rise as there is no confirmed vaccine for the virus at the moment.

However, Mr Finn was optimistic that his team will come up with a vaccine that will end the deadly virus. He, however, noted that there are challenges in getting blood samples from the patients who are infected with COVID-19 to study.

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