Exeter University Students Breach Social Distancing Rule During Cinema Event

Exeter University Students Breach Social Distancing Rule During Cinema Event

Hundreds of students from Exeter University breached social distancing rules when they crowded together during a recent cinema event. Photos taken during the event show a huge crowd of students watching an outdoor screening of a film.

The students organized the event themselves. The screening of the film was to last for three days, but the third evening was canceled following the breach of social distancing rules.

The university management sincerely apologized for risking the lives of the students. However, it announced that it would allow outdoor cinema night under strict guidelines and  regulations.

The government directed that only a group of six students is allowed to meet for various activities. Therefore, the university will have to ensure that students maintain this rule and also maintain social distancing.

Some students were disappointed by how the event was organized without regard to COVID-19 rules. Therefore, they decided to take photos and post on social media.

According to a student at the university, Michael Rudling, people flocked the cinema venue in hundreds without proper coordination by the university management. He added that some students were ignorant of their safety despite knowing that their health is at risk.

Michael blamed the university for the mess because they knew the number of students in the university and how popular such events are. Therefore, they should have taken proper safety and health measures to ensure that students were safe.

Michael noted that it is not easy to control huge crowds, especially during a cinema event. Therefore, the university should have organized a proper seating arrangement and also deploy health and security officers to monitor the students.

The university spokesperson apologized to all students who were affected and concerned by the breach of social distancing. He promised that the university would make some changes during future events.

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