Exeter Records Zero Coronavirus Deaths in Two Weeks

Exeter Records Zero Coronavirus Deaths in Two Weeks

There has been no recorded coronavirus death in Exeter for the lasts two weeks. This is an indicator that the pandemic is slowly heading to extinction.

The latest figures from ONS indicate that Cornwall and Devon have recorded more deaths in the same period. However, the figures have been gradually decreasing, pointing to a projected fall in mortality.

There were 37 recorded deaths in Cornwall and Devon in the last two weeks. Out of these, 23 were reported in care homes, 10 in hospitals, and 4 at homes.

Care homes are more vulnerable to COVID-19 disease because a majority of the inhabitants are old. The old folks have low immunity and suffer from chronic illness, thus making them more susceptible to have COVID-19 infection.

The official figures were published on Tuesday, May 26. The figures accounted for all the deaths that took place from May 9 to May 23.

For two successive weeks, there has been no recorded death In Torridge district in Exeter. Additionally, there has been no death ever in the Isles of Scilly archipelago.

Over the last two weeks, care homes and hospitals in Exeter, West Devon, North Devon, Torridge, South Hams, Mid Devon, and Teignbridge recorded zero deaths.

However, in the previous weeks, Exeter, East Devon, and Torbay had recorded more coronavirus deaths in care homes than all the other settings. The deaths in care homes were twice as many as those recorded in hospitals.

The ONS figures indicate that Cornwall and Devon have recorded a total of 507 coronavirus deaths. A majority of them were recorded in hospitals, with one dying in a hospice.

In Exeter, 37 people have died so far from coronavirus-related illnesses since the pandemic was first reported in the UK.

Coronavirus has so far claimed over 37, 000 lives across the United Kingdom. However, daily deaths have significantly reduced in the last week, which could be a good indicator that the pandemic is slowly decreasing.



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