Exeter Mourns the Passing of the Legendary Tim Wakeley

Exeter Mourns the Passing of the Legendary Tim Wakeley
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He was a lovable rogue. No matter what he did, he got away with it. Everyone knew him because he did what he wanted when he wanted…”, said Tim’s brother, Chris.

Tim is a 59-year-old homeless man who was found lifeless last Thursday, May 7, at the homeless hostel called Gabriel House where he had been residing. The cause of death is still being determined through an on-going post mortem exam.

This ‘lovable rogue’ was known by a huge number of people.  He was a familiar character in the city of Exeter, often seen collecting metal scraps. He was a loner who had spent years of his life struggling with addictions.

Tim was known to possess both kindness and a wicked sense of humour. On the one hand, he was generous, giving what he had to homeless people even if he was left with barely anything. On the other hand, he once left a package in the city centre which was thought to be a bomb.

It was later found out that the package only contained junk. Tim and his accomplice said they only did it for fun but it triggered an evacuation of nearby schools and homes. The police gave them a little talking to before they were set free.

According to Chris, Tim was sometimes unaware that he’s already crossing a line for the sake of humour.

Sometimes he didn’t realise how bad what he was doing was. People thought he was mad, but he was switched on. He often did things for a laugh”, said Chris.

Due to Tim’s lifestyle, people always thought he should have died two decades ago. Chris said it’s unbelievable he lasted much longer. Nevertheless, his death still came as a surprise.

Tim’s ashes are being kept by his immediate family, and, according to Chris, a ceremony will be held once the lockdown is lifted so that Tim’s friends can bid farewell. Chris also thanked Gabriel House for taking care of Tim until he passed away.

Jonathan Gould is one of the many who paid tribute to Tim. Through an online statement, Gould said Tim is an ‘Exeter Legend’.

Tim ‘Timmy’ Wakeley was born and raised in Exeter. He was the oldest in the brood of four boys. After going to two high schools, he served building sites in the country and Europe as a bricklayer.

Tim had a rather unpleasant upbringing which encouraged him to live independently at eighteen. Since then, he was a free spirit who did what he wanted how he wanted.

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