Where to Search for Free Online Teaching During a Pandemic

Where to Search for Free Online Teaching During a Pandemic
As families settle to homeschooling amid the pandemic, many are searching how to tutor online to help their children learn more. Several online platforms are offering free tutoring online. However, going over all of them can be challenging. So, here’s what experts have to say about getting the best free online teaching resources for eager students.

Public Libraries

Tutor.com usually offers free starting sessions and afterward introduces different pricings depending on the frequency of meetings with the tutor. For sponsors of the Public Library in Los Angeles and about 2,200 libraries in North America, online tutoring sessions are free and regular as they have partnered with the said online platform. They serve kindergarten and adult students in examination prep and Language, Math, and Social studies subjects. Their tutors are usually U.S. based, with a few in Canada. More people are exploiting this service while schools are temporarily closed because of the pandemic. The Public Library in Oakland, California, is one of the libraries that have absorbed the platform, making tutoring online available to patrons without charge. According to Mahasin Aleem, who is the collection manager of the library, the platform is an excellent resource because it has free one-to-one homework aid for students. Also, it takes a short while to meet with an online tutor, and the service offers unlimited sessions. Typically, a session lasts about 30 to 45 minutes. Although it’s still too early for the Oakland Library to collect the monthly statistics of platform users, the vice president of Tutor.com announced that there had been a 28% increase of users from April 1 to 10. Library sponsors can freely access the platform through the website of their library. The same goes for libraries that partner with Tutor.com, which includes the public libraries in New York and Baldwin.

Other Online Sites

If schools and libraries don’t suffice, there are other online tutoring sites that best suit a student’s needs. For example, HippoCampus has thousands of online teaching videos that are free for students from high school to college; SmarTutor has free reading and math lessons; Big History Project offers yearlong world history and social studies learning projects.

Advice from Teachers

Parents who are working online are not automatically experts in searching for the best educational tools for their children. The best advice regarding this matter usually comes from school teachers. Since school had the time to transition to tutoring online, they are offering resources to support their students. 826 Valencia and 826 National are offering free online resources for both students and teachers to help them improve their literacy skills and reading comprehension at their platform, which is 826 Digital. Some students may struggle with the thought of online learning. However, they might realize that getting full attention from a tutor may be the key for them to understand a difficult lesson. The reality is that there are advantages and disadvantages, but people must learn to focus on the benefits of online teaching.

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