Teacher Told Teenage Girl to Control Her Period When the Student Asked to Go to the Toilet


Many girls, especially students, have found it difficult to do daily tasks when they are on their period. However, a 14-year old girl faced humiliation by her teacher when she asked to go to the toilet to change her sanitary pads. Because of the embarrassment that this has caused her and her other classmates who have experienced the same thing, she pledged to alter the way schools treat girls who are on their period.

Maisie-Rae Adams also said that she has also been given detentions because of it. In one instance, after going to the toilet, her teacher told her that the bag was already in another room and she could not go back to the class anymore. The unfair treatment of the school has prompted her mother to blurt out that teachers should be educated about periods and how it affects the girls’ day-to-day tasks, including their classes.

She added that it is unfair for her daughter to be given detentions just because she needs to go to the toilet to change her pad. Also, this is not the first time this has happened. A few years back, a Clotham pupil experienced the same treatment from her teacher. Apparently, the school has a policy wherein students are not allowed to go to the toilet during lessons.

During a meeting, the school have said that they already have a pink card policy which can be used by the girls to show to their teachers if they want a toilet pass. However, Maisie was not aware that the policy was implemented. Upon hearing this, her mother made a proposal to make the girls wear a pink wristband as a sign that they are on their periods as well as have the right to be given a toilet pass when needed.


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