Life After Teaching: How Former Educators And Education Experts Can Share Their Knowledge

Life After Teaching: How Former Educators And Education Experts Can Share Their Knowledge
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When you train as an educator, you might set out to work in this kind of role for the rest of your career. However, once you work in the same kind of role for many years, it can be tempting to look for something else. However, it is possible to go on to try something completely new while still supporting the education industry in whatever way they can.

In this article, we are going to look at how former educators and education experts can share their knowledge without actually having to teach classes or take lectures. Read on to get some expert advice on this.

Why Support The Education Industry?

You might be wondering why a teacher might decide to choose a new career but want to support the education industry at the same time. The truth is that many educators believe in a good education and have trained in this kind of role because they want to help others. While you might not want to stand at the front of a classroom all day teaching young people about a certain subject, you might still want them to succeed. For this reason, you might hope to do something alongside your new role in order to support the industry for the rest of your working life.

Writing eBooks

Have you ever considered writing an eBook to share your knowledge without actually having to teach? Writing a book is something that many educators do over the years but getting this published can be incredibly difficult and expensive. In 2020, eBooks can be easier to write and share with those who can benefit from the information within them. You can publish your eBook on sites like Amazon or even as a PDF on your own website.

The great thing about writing an eBook is that you don’t need to follow guidance from a publisher. You can write about a topic that interests you and share your knowledge with past and current students. You can find plenty of eBooks online from past educators that can inspire you to do something great.

Educational Podcasts

Podcasts have been growing in popularity for many years now. You’ll find that some young people would prefer to listen to a podcast while on a run or on their way to class than read a book or listen to music. Podcasts can focus on any topic you can imagine with some offering entertainment and others focusing on education. For former teachers who want to continue to support the industry without returning to the classroom, educational podcasts can be the best route.

Take AI Kingsley, for example – this man has 30 years of experience in the industry and chairs number of Multi Academy Trust boards. He spends some of his time appearing as a guest on educational podcasts and commentates on trending topics. His experience in the industry allows him to provide guidance to others through his appearances on these podcasts. If this is something you are interested in doing, why not give it a try this year?

Offering Work Experience

Another popular way that former educators continue to share their knowledge with students is by offering work experience or shadowing. Educators who are trained in a certain field might move on to work in a practical sense rather than a teaching one but why not bring your students along for the ride? You won’t be able to provide work experience for all students but if you can introduce them to your connections in the industry, you can help them out a lot.

Some teachers stay in touch with past students and help them to build a career in the industry once they have left school. Shadowing can be extremely beneficial and is something that many students find valuable for progressing their careers.

Becoming A School Governor

Have you ever considered joining a board of governors? As a school governor, you can help to vote on policies and act as a critical friend to the staff in a school. Perhaps if you have recently given up teaching at a school, you might want to become a governor there and support them throughout the year.

School governors help with budgeting, setting strategies and offering constructive criticism to the school leaders. Your experience as a teacher can prove extremely valuable in this kind of role as you’ll offer a new perspective. Many boards are made up of business leaders and so having someone with a teaching background can be beneficial.

Knowledge Columns In Publications

There are many excellent publications that offer valuable industry insights and that are used by students hoping to further their knowledge. So, who writes the columns in these publications? The answer is usually current or previous educators who have some spare time and want to share their knowledge. Not only can these kinds of guest posts be extremely beneficial to all but they can also provide you with a source of income on the side of your new role.

Have a think about the current publications that you like to read and get in touch with the editors. You could find that you enjoy offering your insights each month and that your previous students enjoy catching up with you.

Speaking At Events

If you consider yourself as someone who enjoys speaking to large crowds, you could find that you would perform well at events and conferences. Educational events are often looking for guest speakers who have experience in the industry and that can provide valuable insights into what is currently going on. You might have even spoken at one of these events before and so could have connections within the industry.

Speaking at events can also be great for your personal profile. You can become known as an industry expert and others might come to you in the future. If you know of any upcoming events, you should consider taking part in them. At least by attending, you can get your foot in the door and possibly speak at them in the future.

Weekly Blogs

Finally, former educators and education experts can consider writing weekly blogs on their own website to continue to support the industry. Your blogs can focus on whatever you want in the same way an eBook could. However, blogs are much more manageable as they only need to be around 500-1000 words, depending on the topic at hand. If you already have a website set-up, this will be easy to manage.

If you don’t have a website, you might want to consider doing this sooner rather than later. A website that is set-up with WordPress is really easy to add a blog to and you’ll get started in no time at all. Consider creating a content plan that will discuss the various topics that you want to cover. You can then share these blogs on your social channels and connect with others in the industry without having to teach at all.

Try These Ideas

Just because you decide to give up teaching doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to work within the educational industry. There are many ways that you can continue to educate others and share your knowledge over the course of the year. Consider joining a board of governors if you want to have some real input.

Don’t let yourself fall out of touch with the industry, continue to stay connected and you’ll appreciate this later in life.

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