Cornwall Education minister is reviewing the decision to cease funding to Cornwall Alternative School

Cornwall Education minister is reviewing the decision to cease funding to Cornwall Alternative School

After complaints from the public, Gorgon Wyant, the Education Minister announced that he is reevaluating the determination of reducing financial aid for Cornwall Alternative School. He also acknowledged a bit of not playing his part for not making inquiries ahead of the budget day. On Tuesday afternoon, scholars and staff from Cornwall attended the legislative gallery. It was here that Carla Beck and Gorgon debated why the determination was effected to stop funding to the school. Carla demanded from Gorgon to restore the three-year funding arrangement that the county government had formulated with Cornwall in 2017. Wyant voiced out that he was not ready to make a commitment straightway. However, he would like to have more discussions with the parties concerned.

The government has been funding the school for four years

The Saskatchewan government has annually provided finances of roughly 761,000 dollars to the school for the last four years. This figure adds up to the school’s mainstream annual funding of 893,000 dollars. On Monday, Gorgon supported the resolution to terminate the school’s funding. He justified by saying the Catholic and public divisions could offer the same assistance to pupils that Cornwall does while delivering seamless education. At present, he states that he needs to inquire further and hold discussions with the Catholic school divisions, the public, and Cornwall.

Parties involved highly expecting the decision to be reviewed

Delia Delorme, a past student, revealed to the reporters how she felt loved and supported in the school. Another previous student, Tara Amyotte, currently doing a social work degree also agreed with Delia. The alumni expressed how the staff encouraged and cared for them even after clearing Grade 10. Former principal, Eunice Cameron, who is a member of the present school committee revealed how it had been a stressful and emotional moment for everybody concerned. They are all hoping the government will reconsider the decision.

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