Cornwall Council to blame for having kids walk a five-mile walk due to dismissing Truro College bus service


Cornwall Council is in deep water for axing the Truro College service which is meant to transport students from their houses to their school.

The bus service was specifically created to collect and drop students, passing through the Helston to Falmouth road. However, the Cornwall Council decided to cancel the bus service which only caused dismay among parents.

According to local MP George Eustice, this decision which was made by the council is a bad move. Kurt Jewson, a parent, stated that parents will now have to drop their kids to Mabe or even have them walk for five miles every day, twice a day, just to get to their school and back to their residences.

Mr. Jewson added that it could result in around 20 to 25 cars making return trips through Mabe during rush hours, particularly in the morning and in the afternoon. His wife, Lucy, has decided to create a Facebook group named Save the Constantine/Mawnan Bus to Truro College in an attempt to raise awareness about this issue.

On the other hand, MP for Camborne George Eustice urges the Cornwall Council to reevaluate their decision. He has already written a letter and sent it to the Transport Commissioning Services.

According to Mr. Eustice, such transport service is vital for those students who are living in rural and remote areas. He firmly believes that the Council should reevaluate their decision of stopping the support for teenage students who reside in Mawnan and Constantine.

According to him, the presence of rural areas throughout Cornwall means that public transport will be a major challenge, and the lack of proper transport can only hinder education, especially for students who are willing to learn. Such decisions of cancelling transport services should be thought of carefully.

Meanwhile, the Cornwall Council is yet to release a statement regarding this matter.


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