Bath School May Close Its Doors In 2020


A letter informing parents and carers of those in attendance of The Bath School, was sent about a likely closure in August 2020, by Lisa Mannall, the Regional Schools Commissioner for the South West.

In the letter, she mentions the Department for Education (DfE) Ministers, provided their in-principle agreement to the termination of The Bath Studio School funding agreement, after the request from the trust to seek this by mutual agreement.

Following the conclusion of the funding agreement, The Bath Studio School is expected to close in August 2020.

There will be a five week listening period in which Ms. Mannall invites parents and carers to offer their own views and opinions on the proposal. The Ministers ensure a careful consideration of responses, before making a final decision on the termination.

The Bath Studio School, formally known as “BSS Digital Media and Film Academy,” is a specialized school for students from the ages of 14 to 19. It provides digital creative media and business subjects, in addition to other traditional courses.

The school experienced negative feedback, as it was rated “requires improvement” in its first Ofsted report (focused on education inspection) in June 2017. The education inspection body later criticized the trust, governors, and senior leaders for inadequately addressing indicated faults and working to progress on weaknesses.

Anyone with feedback on the proposal for closure is encouraged to email comments and reactions to [email protected] by November 27, 2018.



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