Earthquake Strikes Bridgwater: Shakes Houses and People

Earthquake Strikes Bridgwater: Shakes Houses and People
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A magnitude 3.2 earthquake struck the town of Bridgwater on Thursday night, shaking houses and rattling people. The earthquake began at 10:49 and lasted for several seconds.

According to the British Geological Survey (BGS), the epicenter of the quake is located 7km south of the town of Taunton, 5km deep. Initially measured to be 4.5 in magnitude, the earthquake was later determined to be weaker at 3.4 magnitude that only lasted a few seconds. Despite this seemingly low magnitude, nearby areas felt the quake, with some as far north as Weston-super-mare. Aside from Cheddar, Bridgwater and Yeovil felt the tremors, with people initially reacting with confusion as to whether an object struck their dwellings or something else.

Social media was bombarded with reports from various people throughout the Somerset county, with many reporting rumblings, shakings, and what appears to be a sonic boom on Twitter. Some townsfolk reportedly ran outside of their houses, thinking a vehicle crashed into their property.

Many residents claimed that they were shaken as their entire house reportedly rattled and appeared to be shoved. Many other residents shared similar experiences of having their beds shaken while trying to sleep. Some felt like a high-speed lorry passed by, its vibrations causing their house contents to shake a little for a few seconds. Others felt like their house foundations were being deliberately shaken. No one was reportedly hurt due to the quake. There was no significant property damage caused by the quake as well.

The BGS reported that the US Geological Survey seismographs also detected the tremor that occurred on 22:49 GMT with minor differences in the measured depth and magnitude. The small differences were due to slight differences in computing measurements, but both are still acceptably correct.

Previous earthquakes that occurred in the area within Somerset include a 2.5 magnitude tremor in 2006 and a much earlier 3.7 magnitude earthquake in 2004.

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