Duchess of Cornwall Admits She is Missing Her Grandchildren

Duchess of Cornwall Admits She is Missing Her Grandchildren

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, has admitted that she is missing her grandchildren as she has not seen them in three months. The 72-year old was isolated from her family due to COVID-19 when her husband, Prince Charles, tested positive for coronavirus.

The Prince of Wales experienced mild symptoms in March before the royal family ordered for coronavirus testing of all the royal members. Prince Charles and some royal staff tested positive, and they were immediately isolated from the royal family’s official residence.

Camilla said this during the Emma Barnet show that airs on BBC Radio 5. She was interviewed from her official residence in London. The duchess talked about her husband’s recovery from COVID-19 and isolation from her children and grandchildren.

Camilla regrets that the nationwide lockdown imposed by the government in March separated her from her family. Her grandchildren have not been able to meet her since then.

The duchess has been communicating with her family through video calls. However, she feels that it is not enough for someone who used to have a good time with her grandchildren. She admitted that she misses the hugs and kisses from them.

Camilla added that she hated the internet before because she did not understand how it works. However, she has come to like the idea of Zoom video conferencing and even termed it as a brilliant innovation. She regularly communicates with her family and friends through the platform.

When asked about her husband’s health condition, she affirmed that he is responding well to the medication. She added that she is optimistic he will recover soon.

The duchess further revealed that her husband lost the sense of smell and taste, but he is recovering. According to Camilla, Prince Charles has regained his sense of smell and taste, but it goes a bit sometimes.


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