Double Warning for Devon and Cornwall as extreme thunderstorms and 50mph winds loom


The Met Office is warning residents of Devon and Cornwall to prepare for severe thunderstorms and raging winds of up to 50mph. This condition, according to the Met Department, will last for at least two days.

Wind gushing at 50mph is expected to hit the coast while 30mm of rain is also expected to pour in just a few hours, which may cause flooding according to the Met Office.

Scotland has already received two warnings with torrential rain expected to bring floods to the country’s northern side.

Thursday and Friday will see southwest of the country hit by severe thunderstorms with high wind following on Saturday.

Citizens of Devon and Cornwall are being urged to take notice that there could be flooding which may damage buildings in some areas. Residents are also warned to be aware of large waves and spray that may be dangerous. As a result, some roads may be closed. There could also be cancellation or disruption of train and bus services as well as possible delays in flights and falling trees.

The rain warning will come into effect on Friday morning and is expected to last just for a day. The statement from the Met Office explains that residents should expect heavy rain and some heavy bursts between Thursday night and Friday.

Many places will receive rainfall of between 10-15mm. However, some places could get as much as 30mm of rain in just a few hours. Thunderstorms are expected to develop once the heavy rain has subsided. Thunderstorms are expected to occur on Friday.

The Met Office further warns of possible loss of power and other essential services in severely-hit areas. Members of the public are encouraged to get in touch with emergency services should they feel their lives are in danger.



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