Dorset police crackdown week’s Drug raids and arrests


Dorset police made 38 arrests in just five days throughout crackdown week on alleged county lines dealers.

‘County lines’ is the term given by the police to urban drug dealers who are expanding their reach of crime to smaller and quieter areas.

During the operation which happened January 21 to January 25, a sum of more than £58,000 worth of cash and drugs were confiscated by Dorset police officers.

Out of the 38 arrests made by the police, 5 were found to be minors and are now being protected by the local authorities.

The officials checked susceptible addresses, and pertinent protecting was enabled by the officials to support and care for the occupants.

Protecting and caring for vulnerable individuals especially the youth has been one of their greatest priorities, said Spt. Caroline Naughton.

County lines abuse susceptible young individuals and force them to commit crimes which are against their will.

Although the operations succeeded, the police are still intensifying their work to improve their operation regarding any drug-related crime, and they will continue to pursue the individuals behind these crimes unyieldingly.

Gangs and other organizations make use of teens from different places in the country to come to Dorset and supply and sell their drugs. They target susceptible citizens and go to their address against their will.

County lines are a rapidly progressing problem, not just in Dorset but also in other counties. It is a problem that can only be addressed if both the police and the public cooperate to give their best efforts to arrest or even to prevent these kinds of drug-related crimes, said Martyn Underhill.

The police are encouraging the public to report any suspicious activities that might involve county lines by calling the hotline number 101 or by calling Crimestoppers on 8080.

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