Dog Dies After Being Rescued From A House in Bishopsworth


A dog dies resulting from a fire in south Bristol. The incident happened last January 29 at 7:47 pm.

Official statement suggests that the dog was rescued on the upper floor of the burning property that night. The partially separated house located in Bishopsworth was already blazing heavily when firefighters arrived.

Firefighters had to rescue the dog from the second floor of the burning building. While two people escaped the grave incident, paramedics were, unfortunately, unable to save the dog. People are now being cured for severe smoke inhalation.

Two firefighting teams from Temple Fire Station and another two from Bedminster Fire Station went to respond to the incident.

Rescuers had used eight inhalation equipment and a high-pressure hose to help put off the fire. After extinguishing the large fire that consumed the entire property, they then turned to damp down the whole area to prevent the fire from reigniting.

The South Western Ambulance team were the ones to attend to the first person who suffered from smoke inhalation, and the other one was treated by the passing ambulance crew.

Along with Temple Fire Station, the Bedminster Fire crew were the ones to attend to the fire incident in Bishopsworth that evening, according to an official statement by the spokesperson of Avon Fire and Rescue. He then specifically added that their teams used eight state-of-the-art apparatus to help in the rapid extinguishing of the fire.

Although the people who escaped the property were now away from any serious injuries, the dog that was rescued, unfortunately, died despite the best efforts of paramedics.

Government officials are highly encouraging homeowners to always check their electrical equipment or any kitchen appliance for damage to prevent these kinds of events from happening. If such incidents were to happen, their advice is to get to safety first before calling 999, the hotline number of Avon Fire and Rescue.


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