Developers Object Construction of Langarth Garden Village in Truro

Developers Object Construction of Langarth Garden Village in Truro

Two developers have submitted their objections to Cornwall Council over plans to develop the Langarth Garden Village in Truro. The council is planning to develop a hybrid village and has already prepared an outline application.

According to the plan, the development will include 3500 houses and other social facilities such as schools and workplaces.

Some of the sites on which the modern village is set to sit on were previously approved for building homes and other facilities. However, the progress of the development stalled in some sites due to approval issues and disputes.

Nevertheless, the council intervened in some areas and resolved the land issues. The council wanted to take the lead in the project implementation to avoid the patchwork approach adopted by the project contractors.

Therefore, the council tried to ensure that the project is implemented from a central location by having a central coordination team. The team came up with a masterplan with a consistent approach and an integrated design guide to ensure the modern village fits together.

Despite all these efforts, two developers have submitted an objection to the project. They want the project stopped immediately until the issues in question are resolved.

The developers are the representatives of the owners of some parcel of land upon which the project is sitting. They claim that the project will conflict with their clients’ consented scheme if implemented as it is designed.

The current design has 650 homes on one piece of land and 400 homes on the other. There is also a supermarket, a working space, and a primary school in the design plan.

According to the developers, the project design needs to be revised so that the owners can retain some space for commercial developments in the future. Therefore, they want the council to approve the new design as requested by the owners of those pieces of land.

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