Derek Adam’s Assistant at Plymouth Signs New Deal with Truro City

Derek Adam’s Assistant at Plymouth Signs New Deal with Truro City

Paul Wotton, the former assistant to Derek Adam at Plymouth, has signed a long-term deal with Truro city.

Derek Adams recently left Morecambe Football Club to join Bradford City. However, the new City boss may need to keep looking for an assistant manager after Paul, who was the obvious choice for the position, has signed a new deal to become the manager of Truro City.

Bradford City has been without a manager after the end of the league campaign. Adam was on the hitlist for the club’s recruitment. This is after he was interviewed for the position in December and impressed chief executive Ryan Sparks.
The Bantams kept their joint-bosses, Mark Trueman and Conor Stellar, and promoted them to a permanent position at the club after two months. As the two consider offers of the new positions, news regarding their future in the club will be announced by the end of the week.

When Adam took of his managerial position, he gave Wotton the chance to work as an assistant manager for the club. This is no surprise since Adam is always open to working with new personalities. Besides, he wanted someone familiar with the club to take up the position of assistant manager.

When asked about announcing his assistant, Adam said that it will be done in the coming weeks. He went on to say that his management has always involved accessing what is available in the football club and this time will be no different. Meanwhile, Ryan Sparks who is the chief executive has said that there is a need to expand the coaching team, which has been among the smallest in League Two.

The non-league club, where Wotton would become a manager, is building towards a new stadium. For this reason, any move for Paul Wotton will comprise recompense for the Southern Premier League South. Of course, the Bantams would not want to pay for the compensation.

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