Demand for Food in a Food Bank in a Truro Church Triples

Reading Tom/Flickr

A food bank in a church in Truro has been experiencing an increase in demand for food since the start of the nationwide lockdown. The food bank is located within the premises of All Saints church based at Highertown.

The food bank has been running for a long time but has never experienced such a high demand for food. Since the beginning of the lockdown, the church has been continuously receiving food donations from well-wishers every day. Currently, the entire church building is being used to store food items.

The church is currently closed to the public due to the social distancing regulations issued by the government. Customers are being served from a table placed at the church front. However, those queuing waiting to be served are required to maintain a one-metre social distance from each other.

Revd Jeremy, a vicar at All Saints, said that the demand for food sharply increased in the first 21 days of lockdown. They were serving over 60 people and family groups with food in a day.

Revd Jeremy noted that the demand tripled in the first month of lockdown. However, it slightly declined in the second month but has almost quadrupled in the last one week.

Revd Jeremy noted that the church has been at the frontline by helping people who are struggling to get food. The church has been connecting individuals, groups, and organisations to provide food support to the most vulnerable in society.

The vicar noted that the church is committed to helping all needy people during this time of crisis. He added that they offered to help people immediately after the lockdown was announced.

Revd Jeremy thanked all those who have offered to help by donating food items. He was overwhelmed by the level of goodwill and generosity shown by the people in Truro.


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