Cyclists Raise Money For Charity


Cyclists joined the event Ride for Precious Lives, a fundraiser sponsored by an Engineering company based in Clevedon, Edwards. They believe that the 11th annual Ride for Precious Lives event will make up to £75,000 for CHSW.

Children’s Hospice South West helps and provide families by giving them breaks and professional bereavement services. It also provides emergency services for children with life threatening conditions. More than that, it also helps the family by giving end of life care. It aims to make the most of short and precious lives. It has three hospices in the South West and provides care for over 500 families. CHSW is free for everyone and depends on the support of many people and fundraising groups.

70 cyclists and more joined the event. They covered 205 miles and the three CHSW hospices in South West. They started in St Austell’s Little Harbour children’s Hospice on July 12 and moved to Fremington’s Little Bridge House hospice on July 13 before finishing at Charlton Farm Hospice on July 14.

The event gathered many cyclists, including TV and Film star, Andrew Lincoln. He is known for his portrayal of Rick Grimes in the hit TV series Walking Dead and Mark in the movie Love Actually.

Andrew claims that this event is one of the most challenging things he did. After completing the course and crossing the finish line, he said that the experience was one of the most challenging, hilarious, and humbling events that he was involved in.

The senior project manager, Jago Snook, also said that the event brings fellow riders closer. Jarrett, an events fundraiser, also says that she is grateful for everyone who worked hard to make the fundraiser a success.

There are also other groups who joined the event, including a team of cyclists from Biddeford. With more than 70 cyclists joining the fundraising event, the event has a great turn-out.



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