Cyclists in Cornwall injured by potholes received larger payouts than motorists

Cyclists in Cornwall injured by potholes received larger payouts than motorists

The amount of payout Cornwall Council provides to injured cyclists is 12 times heftier than to motorists. The Cycling UK discovered that Cornwall Council pays out £4,531 each to every three cyclists between 2013/2014 and 2017/2018 while motorists were only paid out £372 each.  Over the last five years, Cornwall Council has paid out £129,799 to both cyclists and motorists.

This trend is not only exclusive in Cornwall. All over Britain, cyclists are paid out 26 times more than motorists in pothole compensations.

Cycling UK explained that defective and damaged roads are more dangerous to cyclists and that it will likely cause severe injuries, or worse, death. The major cause of these accidents is potholes. They also added that potholes only cause inconvenience to motorists rather than imminent danger. Last year, they claim that since 2007, about 400 cyclists died due to accidents caused by damaged roads.

A ‘Pothole Watch’ week was launched by Cycling UK last March 3 and will end March 9. They launched this movement to urge the government to fix road damages by investing part of their Road Investment Strategy’s £25 billion budget. Currently, the budget is ring-fenced for the maintenance and building of trunk roads and motor roads. Cycling UK aims to protect cyclists from further unfortunate accidents on the road.

The Government responded that they spent £25 billion on new motorways while effectively finding an extra budget to resolve the issue of potholes on local roads.

According to estimations made by the Asphalt Industry Alliance, repairing damaged roads in Britain would cost about £9.4 billion due to the many years of underinvestment in the local road networks.

As of the moment, Cornwall Council has not yet announced any statement regarding this matter. However, it is expected that they will soon enough.

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