Wiltshire Police on the hunt for more Special officers


Wiltshire Police has started recruitment for more volunteer police officers to join the Force. Known as special constables, the volunteers have equal powers and wear the same uniforms as regular police officers.

Assistant Chief Constable Gavin Williams, Wiltshire Police lead for Citizens in Policing, said: “Volunteering is part of the fabric of policing across the country, and a way of giving something back to the community you live in. …Our Special Constabulary integrates into Community Police Teams, working closely with regular officers to provide high quality frontline policing.

“Improvements in communication and confidence are just two of the changes organisations tell us they see in their employees when they have completed their training as a special constable, along with many other skills which can be transferred back into the workplace…

“In 2017 Specials gave 73,058 hours to Wiltshire, and only last month they gave 6,830 hours, the highest number of hours given this year.

“Our Specials are an integral and valued part of our police force; they make a real difference in reducing crime, and make a real difference to our communities.”

The Specials learn valuable new skills and gain experience through a full training programme and in-role experience while volunteering in a unique environment.

Angus Macpherson, Police and Crime Commissioner, who has significantly invested in the Special Constabulary over the past two years, said: “The community plays an important role in policing and it is only right that we should look for more opportunities for the public to become involved in volunteer roles.

“As Specials the public will not be able to distinguish between you and a regular officer, but as police force you enable us to build better links with the community, to become more representative of the community and better understand the community.”

Training for the officers will commence in May 2019.


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